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PINK FLOYD. NB 1995 147 . Live :

Track listing: 1. Shine on you crazy diamond (13:30) 2. Astronomy domine (5:25) 3. What do you want from me (4:10) 4. to fly (5:06) 5. Keep talking (6:56) 6. Coming back to life (6:31) 7. Hey you (4:50) 8. A great day for freedom (4:20) 9. Sorrow (10:30) 10. High hopes (7:48) 11. Another brick in the wall Part two (6:50) 12. One of these days The Dark Side of the Moon 1. Speak to me (2:28) 2. Breathe (2:40) 3. On the run (3:41) 4. Time / Breathe (reprise) (6:48) 5. The great gig in the sky (5:51) 6. Money (8:46) 7. Us and them (7:08) 8. Any colour you like (3:19) 9. Brain damage (4:02) 10. Eclipse (1:38) 11. Wish you were here (5:40) 12. Comfortably numb (9:10) 13. Run like hell (7:58).

Line-up: - David Gilmour / guitars, vocals, - Nick Mason / drums, percussion, - Richard Wright / keyboards, vocals. WITH: - Jon Carin / keyboards, vocals, - Dick Parry / barritone & tenor saxes, Guy Pratt / bass, vocals, - Tim Renwick / guitars, vocals, - Dick Wallis / percussion, - Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine & Durga McBroom / backing vocals.

From online rewiews: - Pulse is the culmination of ALL of what makes Pink Floyd so spectacular. Their music is awesome but their live show is SIMPLY THE BEST YOU WILL EVER SEE! It has the most impressive lighting (complete with lasers), and special effects of any concert Ive been to! (Ive seen at least 50 popular bands.) Hats off to Marc Brickman, the lighting designer as well as the director, David Mallet and everyone involved in this great video production! Also, the giant screen which plays video footage is definitely worth mentioning; however, Ill save all the other numerous surprises for you to enjoy as you watch this! - What impresses me the most about Pink Floyd is they keep getting better! I saw this concert live and its their tour for the awesome Division Bell CD; which is my favorite of all their work! That says alot looking at their enormous portfolio through the years! - The approximate running time is 145 minutes; and youll be on the edge of your seat the whole time! This video is a must own if you are a Pink Floyd fan and if you can only afford onethis is it! It has all their old great ones like Money, Breathe, Us and Them, Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here plus their newer ones from THE DIVISION BELL: the great High Hopes, Coming Back to Life, Take it Back and Keep Talking. - I hope they keep talking because Ill always be listening!


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